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Indulge In A Nail Spa Facial And Pamper Your Face

Nail Spa Facials bring out your best self and enhance your confidence while you indulge in the titillating pleasure of Five-Star pampering.

The relaxation you’ll experience can make the world go away and you may even dream up a social or career epiphany while indulging yourself.

Five-Star Customer Satisfaction


Our Basic Facial $55

Nail Spa Facials Basic Photo

Standard cleansers, face massage, light exfoliation, restore skin smoothness

Our Deluxe Facial $70Nail Spa Facials Deluxe Photo

Deep cleansing, face mask, massage face & upper body, rehydrate & refesh the skin

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Be Your Very Best

Nail Spa Facials help you put your best face forward. What more could you possibly do for yourself?

It is an investment in yourself and you deserve it.

Whether you’re planning a date or anticipating a career move, nothing boosts your confidence like knowing you have done your very best to show the real you.

More Than Show

But there is more than appearance to Empire Facials.

The soothing process of stimulating every area of your face is simultaneously calming and invigorating. Knowing your skin is being deeply cleansed and hydrated adds to the self esteem of being your very best.

Indulge the high standard of looking and feeling your best.

And while you are at it, open your phone contacts and add Empire Nail (513) 321-8400.

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