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SNS Manicure color combinations allow you to choose from our rich color palette to express your individuality and style by exercising your own creativity and sense of self. Whether it is a seasonal or event motif, we are here to support your vision and help you achieve it.

Fashion Nail SNS Dipping Powder

Healthy Natural Nails

Easy Fast Application

Odor Free

Five-Star Satisfaction Rating

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Gift Certificates

SNS Manicure Cincinnati with signature nail system dipping powder manicures make a great holiday, graduation, or birthday gift.

Simply call us at (513) 321-8400, order online, or let us know next time you are here in our Nail Bar and Spa. We will prepare a gift certificate for you.

Your thoughtfulness will surely be appreciated and it is a lot of fun deciding on colors and styles.

Weddings are a perfect occasion for a signature nail system gift certificate. The entire bridal party is guaranteed to have the prescribed look. This adds style and continuity to the wedding and enhances those expensive wedding photos and video.

Not For Women Only

Let us not forget the groom and his groomsmen. Here you have the guys all decked out in tuxedos for once or twice in their life, are you going to let them handle the ring, raise a toast, or remove a garter with yucky hands?

Have fun with it. Give the guys an SNS mani-pedi gift certificate or keep it simple with a manicure gift.

Thank You Gift

Gifting all the people that made your event such a success is easy with Empire Gift Certificates. You can present them by hand, mail them, or best of all you can celebrate with an appreciation party here in our salon.

Call us (513) 321-8400 or Order Gift Certificate Now